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The Pack-A-Punch machine.

 This article is about the Pack-A-Punch machine in World At War, for the Black Ops I and II version, see Pack-A-Punch machine (Black Ops).

The Pack-a-Punch Machine is a in-game utility for every Zombies map since Der Riese. This utility is much like the Mystery Box or the Perk-a-Cola machines. The Pack-a-Punch Machine allows you to upgrade a weapon of your choice at the cost of $5000 points. The Pack-a-Punch machine also changes the names of weapons, but it doesn't always make the weapon stronger. The nature of the upgrades on guns is not known when being upgraded, but the Pack-a-Punch also puts elaborate engravings on them. 

World At War Pack-A-Punched Weapons Edit

NOTE: all weapons recive a high power boost when upgraded

Weapon Name Changed Name Effect on Performance
.357 Magnum ".357 Plus 1 Kil-u" Increased Damage
M1 Garand w/ Rifle Grenade "The Imploder" 8 more rounds per clip, Rifle grenades gain a clip of 3
BAR "The Widow Maker" Extra 10 Held ammo, extra 10 rounds per magazine, increased ROF
M1919 Browning "B115 Accelerator" Shoots faster and increased Magazine size
Double Barreled Shotgun "24 Bore Long Range Increased range and damage
Sawed-Off Double-Barreled Shotgun w/ Grip "The Snuff Box" Please Note: Has not been seen in gun chest/wall pickup (PS3)
FG42 "420 Impeller" 208 extra carried ammo, increased Magazine size
Gewehr 43 "G115 Compressor" Increased ammo
Kar98k "Armageddon" Increased magazine size
M1 Garand "M1000" Increased ammo
M1 Thompson "Gibs-o-matic" Increased ammo
 M1911 "C-3000 B1AT CH35" Becomes a grenade launcher. 6 rounds per clip. Similar to the Holy Pistol
M1A1 Carbine "Widdershins RC-1" Becomes fully automatic
MG42 "Barracuda FU-A11" Extra 250 Held ammo and shoots faster
MP40 "The Afterburner" Extra 32 rounds per clip
PPSh-41 "The Reaper" Increased Magazine size and 345 extra carried ammo, increased fire rate
Ray Gun "Porter's X2 Ray Gun" Magazine size is doubled, increased reserve ammo "splash" damage is removed
M2 Flamethrower "FIW Nitrogen Cooled" Allows quicker movement, cools down faster and uses less heat initially
Wunderwaffe DG-2 "Wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ" Doubles Mag Size and Stored ammunition, spread increases to a maximum of 24 zombies
Trench Gun "Gut Shot" 12 shells in Magazine, reload 2 shells at a time
Panzerschreck "Longinus" Extra carried ammo, holds 3 rockets at a time, can fire fully automatic.
PTRS-41 "The Penetrator" 8 rounds per magazine, more penetration, slightly more range in scope
Type 100 "1001 Samurais" Increased Rate of Fire, increased magazine size



Increased Magazine size

Call of Duty: Black Ops Edit



M1911 Mustang and Sally
Magazine size 8 6
Max ammo 8+80 6+50
Mobility High High
Extras Fires Grenades
Dual Wield


CZ75 Calamity
Damage 150-100 300-200
Multiplier Head: 3.5x

Chest: 1x Abdomen: 1x

Head: 3.5x

Chest: 1x Abdomen: 1x

Fire mode Semi Auto Full Auto
Rate of fire 625 RPM Max 535 RPM
Magazine size 15 20
Max ammo 15+135 20+240
Reload 1.63 (2.013 empty) 1.63 (2.013 empty)
Mobility High High
Extras More Ammo, Higher Damage, Larger Magazine, becomes Full Auto

CZ75 Dual WieldEdit

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Submachine GunsEdit


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Assault RiflesEdit


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Light Machine GunsEdit


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Sniper RiflesEdit


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Special WeaponsEdit

Ballistic KnifeEdit

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M72 LAWEdit

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China LakeEdit

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Wonder WeaponsEdit

Ray GunEdit

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31-79 JGb 215Edit

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Zap Gun Dual WieldEdit

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Wave GunEdit

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Weapon Name Pack A Punched name New Effects of Gun
M14 Mnesia 16 in magazine, 192 in reserve, increased damage and grip
Olympia Hades Incendiary rounds, damage boost
PM63 Tokyo & Rose Dual Wield added
MPL MPL-LF Red dot sight w/ random reticle
MP40 The Afterburner Magazine increase, damage boost
Stakeout Raid 10 in mag, load 2 at a time
AK74u AK74fu2 40 in mag, 280 out, random sight
MP5K MP115 Kollider 40 in, 200 out, damage boost
M16 Skullcrusher Full auto, with grenade launcher attachment
HK21 HK115 Oscillator 150 in, 750 out, more damage
RPK R115 Resonator 125 in, extra 100 bullets added
M72 LAW M72 Anarchy 10 in mag, load 10 at time, hip fire
China Lake China Beach 5 in, pumps faster, damage boost
Dragunov D115 Disassembler Damage boost, variable zoom scope
L96A1 L115 Isolator 8 in, 72 out, damage boost
Famas G16-GL35 Red dot sight w/ random reticle, more ammo
FN FAL EPC WN 3 round burst, Reflex sight with random reticle, damage boost
Galil Lamentation More ammo, more damage, faster reload speed
G11 G115 Generator Full auto, extremely low recoil, Low Power scope
Thunder gun Zeus Cannon 4 in, 24 out, more damage, range, less recoil
CZ75 dual/single wield Calamity & Jane Fully auto, damage boost, ammo reserve increased
M1911 Mustang & Sally More ammo, more damage, faster reload, shoots arcing grenades
Python Cobra 12 per cylinder, 94 out, huge damage boost, range increased
Spectre Phantom Random reflex sight, more in clip and outside.
AUG AUG-5OM3 Masterkey with 36 shells, loads 2 at a time, ammo increase
Spas 12 Spaz 24 24 shells in, fully auto, reload all 24 at once, damage/ammo boost
HS10 Typhoid & Mary More ammo, dual wield, damage and ammo boost
Crossbow Awful Lawton Monkey bomb affect, more bolts, faster reload, bigger blast range
Ballistic Knives The Kraus Refilbrilator More Knives, more damage, if shot at downed teamate, instantly revives

Vr-11                                            Vr-11 Lazarus                              More Ammo

Scavenger                                     Hyena-infra dead                          More Ammo, bigger blast radius

31-79 JGb215                                The Fractalizer                            More Ammo, zombies stay shrunken longer

Wave Gun                                     Max Wave Gun                           More Ammo, longer shot radius

-Dual Weild Zap Guns                    -Porter's X2 Dual Weild Zap Guns  More Ammo

All Pack-A-Punch Machine LocationsEdit

Call Of Duty: World At WarEdit

Der Riese - At the spawn point, inside the locked door. To unlock this door, the power must be turned on first. After you turned on the power connect all of the teleporters, and then head to the mainframe at the spawn point. When you connect one of the teleporters to the mainframe. The dark voice will say something and drop a  random pick-up at the spawn point. You only have 25 seconds to connect each teleporter to the mainframe. Here are all of the teleporter locations:

  • After opening the door on the left side of the spawn point, upstairs.
  • On the right side of the spawn point after opening the door, in the Main Factory area.
  • After opening the door located in front of the power switch, at the back of the room.

Once you've connected all 3 teleporters to the mainframe, you should see the Pack-A-Punch machine accessable. Players should also be careful while Pack-A-Punching their weapons, because it is an area to easily get surrounded in.

Call Of Duty: Black OpsEdit

Kino Der Toten - In the teleporter room, to get there, power up the teleporter, power it up with the core in the starting room, and then get in the teleporter and then press the square button, (If On PS3) X button, (If On Xbox 360) or F. (If on PC)

"Five" - In the DEFCON room, to get there, in the war room there are 4 DEFCON switches, go up to each one and press the action button to turn on all of them. When all 4 of the DEFCON switches are activated, go in the teleporter and you should teleport to the DEFCON room. Here are all of the DEFCON switches locations:

  • Across from the MP5K
  • Across from Double Tap
  • Downstairs, across from the teleporter. (Closest to the Stakeout)
  • Near the DEFCON room. Close to Juggernog.

Remember, when the DEFCON number reaches 1, then the door will start to open. If all the players get out of the DEFCON room, then it will close, sending it back to DEFCON 1. Which means you will have to get it back to DEFCON 5 in order to reach the Pack-A-Punch machine again. There are also 2 windows in the DEFCON room to make camping harder.

Ascension - In the big room, right after making the rocket launch. To get there, use all 3 of the lunar landers scattered around the map to activate the security protocall 13255. When you used all 3 lunar landers you should hear the man on the radio say something about the protocall. When you heard that man say on the radio was about the protocall, so to get to the Pack-A-Punch, you need to make the rocket launch first. To do this, go to the place where you turned on the power, then next to the power switch. You'll see another button. Go up to it and press the action button. When you do this the man will count down from 5 to 1 preparing for the rocket to launch. The players can also destroy the rocket and will drop a X2 power up. The only way to destroy it is with a Ray Gun. The player must do it fast though, because the rocket can take off really fast. Anyway, after you completed all that. Go in the room, make a right turn and you will see the Pack-A-Punch machine. There are also 4 windows here to make camping harder. Here are all the 3 lunar lander locations:

  • Across from PhD Flopper, near the frag grenades.
  • Right after passing Speed Cola, next to a Mystery Box location.
  • After opening the door, also next to a Mystery Box location.

Call of the Dead - Will randomly spawn somewhere in the water next to one of the Perk-A-Cola machines, after the power has been turned on. To get to the Pack-A-Punch on this map, the power must be turned on. After you turned on the power, you should be able to see a light coming from the lighthouse, that light hits the water, where the Pack-A-Punch will spawn. After some time has passed through rounds, the Pack-A-Punch machine will go underwater and will reappear next to one of the Perk-A-Cola machines.

Shangri-La - On the top floor in the starting room. To get here on co-op, there are 4 spinning statues that will spin after the power has been turned on. 4 players must stand on all 4 of the pads with the spinning statues. Here are all the locations for the statues

  • At the spawn point, in the center.
  • The far side across from the rope bridge.
  • In the power room.
  • In the niche, in the tunnel that leads to the AK74U.

To get there on solo, only one of the pads must be stood on. After you've completed all those steps, the stairs near Quick Revive will open, allowing access to the Pack-A-Punch machine. When one of the players reach the top, a cascade of water will send them down, making the Pack-A-Punch once again unreachable. If one of the players are willing to complete the easter egg on this map, the Pack-A-Punch machine will lower itself.  Once all players complete the easter eggs, the Pack-A-Punch machine will be unreachable again. Meaning you have to all those steps again like Deja Vu.

Moon - At the spawn point, in area 51. To get back there, the players will first need to turn on the power, and then head to the teleporter after exiting the bio dome. The teleporter is located near Mule Kick. Once the player uses the teleporter, the player should be teleported to area 51. But be careful, the players only have a certain amount if time to Pack-A-Punch their weapons before they hear the alarm, which causes the zombies to run faster, and more hellhounds to spawn. Heading back to area 51 also causes to spawn either Speed Cola or Juggernog.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops IIEdit

TranZit - In the bank, after exploding the two vault doors. To get there, go to the Power Switch location, open the door, fall down it, turn around and you should see a door, a slow crawler is needed to do this, because if you have fast running zombies, they will destroy the Turbine you placed by the door. Then by the time you get to the bank, then the door to the Pack-A-Punch will close when you get there. Place a Turbine when you fall down the door you just opened. If you're doing this on solo, then the player must quickly take the bus, or run there with Stamin-Up. The Pack-A-Punch must be built in order to use it. Here are all of the parts locations to build the Pack-A-Punch machine. 

  • The Pack-A-Punch machine part will spawn across from the Pack-A-Punch table. It will always be there every game.
  • The power box will spawn on the ground, next to the monkey cages, or next to the crates.
  • The legs will spawn on the cages or next to some of the crates.

If you leave the Pack-A-Punch room while there is no Turbine at the Power Station, then the door to the Pack-A-Punch machine will close, meaning you have to do this all over again. So don't get a player to leave the Pack-A-Punch room, because it will close, also on co-op, sometimes when one of the players tell one of the players to stay in the Pack-A-Punch room, they won't listen and get out. So make sure the player doesn't leave the Pack-A-Punch room. Also watch out for griefers and trollers too.

Town - At the spawn point, in the middle of the lava pit. The easiest way to get in here is to have Juggernog, so that the player won't get downed while going to the Pack-A-Punch machine.

Mob of the Dead - On the Golden Gate Bridge, after building the plane. To get there, the players must first build the plane. Here are all of the parts locations to build the plane. But to do all of that, you first need to find the Wardens Key. The only way to get is to, go into afterlife mode, and then shock the power switch. Aenfter you did that revive yourself and then you should see the Wardens Key appear. Then go to the docks and unlock the gate with the Wardens Key. Enter afterlife mode again, and then shock the power switch, you should see the first part appear. Here are all the locations for the parts of the plane:

  • In the gate at the docks, use the Warden's Key to open it, then go into Afterlife to shock the volt switch, whcih will open another gate that leads to the part. (In Co-Op, you need two people to be in the area with the volt switch because when the volt switch is shocked, the door to the part is opened, but the gate you first unlocked will shut. Once one of you shocks the volt switch and gets the part, the other player must go into Afterlife and shock the volt switch again to escape.)
  • At the bottom of the spiral staircase, there is a code machine, use the Warden's Key to open it. Then go into after life and head down to the code machine. You will see three numbers on the way down, which changes every game. Enter the numbers in the code machine (Ex: 281). Once the numbers are put in, run back and revive yourself. Head back down to the code machine and go down the staircase and take a left until you get to a dead end. Double press the action button to open the gate. (After putting in the code, you have 60 seconds to revive yourself and get to the part, if you are too late, the you will have to put in the code again, which could change.)
  • In the Warden's Office, there is an electrified door that you can't unlock, which holds the part. To get the part, go to the docks and open the door between the beast and the workbench to get into the power station. Go into Afterlife and shock the three flashing generators. (One is through an Afterlife portal so look carefully!) Once all three have been overloaded, the electric barrier around the door in the Warden's office will be gone, allowing you to open the door and get the part.
  • In the Infirmary, inside a cabinet next to a beast.
  • In the Shower Room underneath the cafeteria. To get the part, open the door with the Warden's key, then go into Afterlife and shock the Volt Switch. Revive yourself and go to the washing machine. Use the action button to activate the washing machine, causing it to wash the part. During this short period, zombies will spawn and barriers appear in all exits, preventing you from leaving. After 30-45 Seconds, the washing machine will open, allowing you to take the part.

After you've completed all those steps, build the plane on the roof. After you're done building the plane press the action button and then the plane should take off and then you should land on the Golden Gate Bridge. The Pack-A-Punch Machine is on the bridge.

Cell Block - On the 3rd floor, across from the Double Tap II Perk-A-Cola machine. 

Die Rise - Will randomly spawn in one of the elevators where you turn on power, or under the roof area. Changes places with Juggernog, Double Tap II and Mule Kick.

Buried - At the bottom of the spiral staircase, after going through the hedge maze. To get there the player muse first go through the haunted mansion, which is filled with the ghosts that attack you and steal 2000 points, when you have no points left, said attacks will just deal damage. To get in the mansion, the player must first give the Giant booze, or use the trample steam. After you've gotten through the haunted mansion, the players will then see the hedge maze. The maze will change every time you start a game, it will not be the same. After you go through the hedge maze, the players will see Stamin-Up and the spiral staircase that leads to the Pack-A-Punch machine. It's recommended to do this only if you have a slow crawler, because if you have a lot of running zombies, then by the time you reach the bottom of the spiral staircase. You will get surrounded right when you reach the bottom. When the players reach the bottom of the spiral staircase. The players will see a deep hole. Do not jump down there, because you will die. Also be careful while going down the spiral staircase, because there are missing stair pieces when going down the staircase.

Borough - At the spawn point, just in front of the mansion and the church.

Origins - In the center of the map. To get there, you need to turn on all of the generators. Here are all of the generator locations:

  • At the spawn point, next to Quick Revive.
  • Right next to the tank station
  • Right next to Odin's right footprint, across from Speed Cola.
  • In No Man's Land, next to Juggernog.
  • In No Man's Land, next to Stamin-Up. 
  • In No Man's Land, next to the Rituals of the Ancients chest.

Once you activated all 6 generators, the Pack-A-Punch machine will turn on in the center of the map. Be careful while generating all 6 of the generators, because every generator you turn on, zombies will spawn by the generator you just turned on and they will try to destroy the generator. Kill all of the zombies right away, before they try to destroy the generator.

Nuketown Zombies - Will randomly spawn in the map with the 4 Perk-A-Cola machines. Will spawn when a meteor hits the ground.

For the Pack-A-Punch machine to spawn, the players must wait every 5 rounds. Within the 5 rounds, a machine (Pack-a-Punch or Perk Machine)  will spawn from the sky.



Trivia Edit

  • Above the Pack-a-Punch Machine, there are two depictions of a Ray Gun, one with a 'flaccid' barrel and the other with an 'erect' barrel.
  • There is also a picture under the machine. The picture is a no symbol (a red circle with a diagonal slash inside) with a hand inside of the circle; indicating that Pack-a-Punching your hand is a bad idea.
  • When a weapon is upgraded in the Pack-a-Punch Machine, only the metallic parts and the magazine are engraved with the markings, and not the wooden parts of the weapon. This is easily attested by the M1A1 Carbine, Gewehr 43, and the M1 Garand.
  • When a weapon is being upgraded a small red flag that says "Please Wait" rises on the right side of the Ray Gun depictions, above the machine.
  • Some of the weapons have slang and leetspeak (1337) terms in them like FTW (For The Win), or FU-A11 (Fuck You All), b1at-ch (bitch) and K1l-u (Kill you).
  • In the French and Italian versions of the game, the names of the guns will remain the same.
  • In Black Ops 2 Tranzit and Town, the Pack A Punch machine has a more makeshift appearance; it's powered by a car battery and it is resting on a piece of wood on cinderblocks.
  • The whole Pack-A-Punch Machine jingle can only be heard on Call Of Duty: World At War. When you Pack-A-Punch a weapon on Call Of Duty: Black Ops I and II, the player can only hear the ending part of the jingle.


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