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PaP Machine

The Pack-a-Punch Machine

 This article is about the Pack-A-Punch Machine in Black Ops I and II, for the World At War version, see Pack-A-Punch Machine.

The Pack-a-Punch Machine is an in-game utility for the Zombies maps "Kino Der Toten ", "Five ", "Ascension", "Call of the Dead ", Shangri La, Town, Farm, and "Moon ". This utility is much like the Mystery Box or the Perk-a-Cola machines. The Pack-a-Punch Machine allows upgrades to the majority of the weapons found in these zombie levels. The machine also changes the names of weapons, as well as putting elaborate engravings on them. This doens't happen however to the Wunderwaffe DG-2 in the Black Ops version of Der Riese: after Pack-a-Punching it, the Wunderwaffe will become golden. The Pack-a-Punch Machine requires the power to be on and 5000 points.

Effects on weapons

Main article: Pack-A-Punch Weapons

NOTE: When Pack-a-Punched, most weapons produce red/violet muzzle flash and a strange laser-like firing sound.

Call of Duty: World at War

Weapon Name

Changed Name

Noticeable effects of Pack-a-Punch upgrade


.357 Magnum

.357 Plus 1 K1L-u

Increased minimum damage; head and chest multipliers increased.

Overall, best left as a back-up/Last stand weapon. Damage multiplier to the head is doubled, multiplier to the chest increased by approx. 36%. In addition, damage at long range is increased, though this is usually negligible. Unlike most other weapons, rate of fire and ammunition are not increased. Speed Cola and Double Tap are recommended for later rounds. Best traded off near round 20, when it loses it's one-shot-kill capacity.


The Widow Maker

30 round magazine, 180 carried ammo, increased rate of fire and damage.

A decent upgrade, considering that the base weapon is not very effective. The upgraded weapon does 200% more damage and the rate of fire is increased by approx. 45%. Headshot multiplier increased slightly. Works well with Double Tap and Speed Cola, however its comparatively low reserve ammo and small magazine size (compared to other pack-a-punched weapons) can become problematic in higher rounds.

M1919 Browning

B115 Accelerator

750 carried ammo and increased rate of fire.

Despite little changing between the original and the upgraded, this is still much more powerful than most other weapons. Unlike the majority of other weapons, the Browning does not gain increased damage. Instead, it gains an extra 250 reserve ammo and 20% to rate of fire. Reload time is also improved, but Speed Cola still is still necessary for this weapon.

Double-Barreled Shotgun

24 Bore Long Range

Increased range and damage.

Not a very good gun for later rounds due to its very small capacity, meaning frequent reloads. Speed Cola is very highly recommended. This weapon is always a one-shot kill against Hellhounds, and, with speed cola, can be a life-saver during hell-rounds, as Hellhounds will often only come one or two at a time. Generally, when looking for a shotgun, the Trench Gun is preferable. With Speed Cola, this weapon is quite effective for guarding windows, as long as teammates are covering.


420 Impeller

64 round magazine, 400 carried ammo, slightly increased damage and rate of fire.

An excellent upgrade for middle rounds, mainly due to it's high reserve ammo capacity, and large magazine size. However, damage and rate of fire are only marginally increased compared to the base weapon. The doubled magazine size and extra reserve ammunition are useful, but its high recoil can be an issue. This is the most powerful gun that can be purchased off the wall, and for that reason it is worth having because ammo can always be purchased between rounds.

Gewehr 43

G115 Compressor

12 round magazine, 170 carried ammo, vastly increased damage.

Damage increased from 90 to 200 and reserve ammunition increased. In addition, damage to the head is doubled, and damage to the chest is also increased. In all, this means the weapon does about 4x more damage than the non-upgraded version, making it a vast improvement. However, due to the small magazine size and semi-automatic nature of this weapon, it becomes ineffective in later rounds. Speed cola and double tap are advised.



8 round magazine, 60 carried ammo, vastly increased damage.

One of the best upgrades in terms of the usefulness of the base weapon compared with the usefulness of the upgraded version. Base damage is doubled and multiplier to the head is increased from x3.5 to x10. Damage to the chest increased from x1.8 to x6. However, it loses its usefulness after roughly round 16, when shots to the head stop being a one-shot kill. Also not recommended against Hellhounds, as headshots against them are difficult. Double Tap is highly recommended, due to it's bolt-action nature.

M1911 C-3000 b1atch35

(Translates to "See-you biatches" in 1337 or leet)

6 round magazine, 40 carried ammo, and fires grenades instead of bullets. Like the Armageddon, this weapon is very useful when compared to the base weapon. Effectively becomes a mobile grenade launcher that rivals the Longinus, upstaging it in magazine size, ammo and mobility, with less damage and explosive radius. Effective when used against crowds of zombies, however be wary of splash damage. Juggernog, Double Tap and Speed Cola are recommended to help with splash damage, rate of fire and small capacity (respectively). Good to upgrade if the player just died the round before, at the mainframe and without enough time to buy anything else. Best used with a teammates support.
M1A1 Carbine Widdershins RC-1 (M2 Carbine) Becomes fully automatic, 150 carried ammo. Damage increased significantly. Not the best upgrade, though damage increased from 120 to 200, and damage multiplier to the head increased from x2.7 to x6. Multiplier to the chest increased from x1.25 to x2. A decent upgrade when compared to the base weapon, but it's small magazine size and limited ammo make the other automatic weapons a smarter choice to upgrade. Speed Cola is highly recommended.
M1 Garand w/ Rifle Grenade M1000 w/ The Imploder 12 round magazine, 150 carried ammo. 3 grenade magazine, 40 held. Significant increase to power on both the rifle and grenade launcher. Effectively the same as the upgraded Gewehr 43 (doing the same damage and even having the same clip size). The grenade launcher becomes significantly more powerful, dealing twice as much damage and having twice the blast radius, and allowing 3 shots before reloading. Can be a good primary offensive weapon until round 35, but it is advised to trade off by round 20, as it will become about as ineffective as it's non-upgraded variant against the zombies. Speed Cola and Double Tap are advised. A good Back up weapon is needed.
M2 Flamethrower F1W Nitrogen Cooled Heats up slower, cools down faster, increase in movement speed. Generally not the best gun to upgrade, as it receives very little from being pack-a-punched. On the upside, the improved overheating and cooling down times mean that it can sustain longer amounts of fire. Generally ineffective against zombies. Good on solo, due to it's mobility and infinite ammo. This weapon rises to the top on Insta-kill, able to incinerate whole crowds of zombies and Hellhounds with one burst.


Barracuda FU-A11

750 carried ammo, increased rate of fire, slightly increased damage to the head.

Similar to the Browning 1919 in that this weapon actually gets very little out of being upgraded, with the upgraded version being very similar to the non-upgraded version. However, it is still one of the better weapons to upgrade. Damage is not changed at all; the only improvements this weapon receives are an extra 250 reserve ammunition and a faster rate of fire. Very similar in stats to the upgraded Browning, the only differences being a faster rate of fire and a slightly larger multiplier to the head. The Barracuda will, however, deplete its ammo reserves very quickly, especially with Double Tap. Double Tap not recommended.


The Afterburner

64 round magazine, 192 carried ammo. Damage is doubled. Rate of fire increased slightly.

Decent upgrade, doubling this magazine size and doubling the damage. In addition to increased damage, this weapon's multiplier to the head rises from x4 to x5. Rate of fire increased by only 10%. However, extra ammo is not increased, and ammo capacity becomes a worry very early on, so it is advisable to only use burst fire, aim for headshots and not combine with Double Tap. Reasonable as a back-up weapon in middle rounds.



3 round 'magazine', 30 carried ammo, fires semi-automatically. Damage doubled and splash radius increased significantly.

A solid upgrade, especially considering the usefulness of the original weapon. The three round 'magazine', combined with high damage and reasonable ammo capacity, make the Longinus surprisingly effective, especially against large crowds of zombies. However, due to its low mobility, large splash-damage, and vision-obscuring iron sights, this should only be used when covered by teammates. Double Tap and Speed Cola are a must for the Longinus; Juggernog is also recommended.


The Reaper

115 round magazine, 700 carried ammo. Damage increased by 50%, Rate of Fire increased by 25%.

Very solid upgrade. Ammunition is approximately doubled, making this weapon essentially a highly mobile machine-gun. Compared to the upgraded Browning 1919 and MG42, this weapon surprisingly does more damage (150 vs 130), has a faster reload time, better hipfire accuracy and more movement speed. It makes an excellent back-up weapon, even on high rounds, to the Ray Gun and Wunderwaffe. Beware of Double Tap, however - as the fastest firing gun in Nazi Zombies, this gun can quickly exhaust its large ammo reserves if used carelessly. The Reaper is the best choice if you plan on running around the map and it is a good choice if you need excess points.


The Penetrator

8 round magazine, 60 carried ammo, more damage to limbs, slightly increased zoom, higher Penetration.

Surprisingly, this is one of the least effective upgrades when compared to the base weapon. The only damage increase it receives is to the limb multiplier, which is fairly useless, considering that most players will be aiming for the head and chest. The larger magazine size and ammo reserves are the only improvements that make this gun worth upgrading. Speed Cola and Double tap are a must before and after upgrading. However, like the name suggests, the upgrade gives it greater penetrating power which makes it easier to kill multiple zombies at a time if they are lined up. For that reason, it can be a very decent upgrade.

Ray Gun

Porter's X2 Ray Gun

40 round magazine, 200 carried ammo. Damage increased by 33% and projectile speed increased. Less splash damage to player.

The damage increase is relatively small compared to many other upgrades, any power boost to an already dominant weapon will help, especially when the un-upgraded Ray Gun loses its one-shot kill capacity. Splash damage to the user at close range is significantly reduced, taking 4-5 close range shots to down the user. Should be upgraded after roughly level 20 when 1 hit kills are no longer guaranteed, or when ammo runs out. Speed Cola and Double Tap are advised when using this.


Spatz-447 +

60 round magazine, 300 carried ammo. Damage increased by 50% and multiplier to the head increased slightly. Rate of fire increased by approx. 25%.

A decent upgrade, and a good backup weapon to have, especially on the middle rounds. Possibly the best automatic weapon to upgrade, aside from the PPSh and two LMGs. Receives a solid upgrade in terms of ammo, damage, magazine size and rate of fire. This upgrade is particularly useful to players who camp in the Teleporter C room, as ammo off the wall is always nearby. Its relatively slow rate of fire means that Double Tap should be considered.



40 round magazine, 250 carried ammo. Damage increased by 67%. Rate of fire increased slightly.

When upgraded, the Thompson's damage stats are essentially the same as the MP40's. It receives a reasonable upgrade in terms of its magazine size and reserve ammo. The Gibs-o-matic is a solid gun to have on middle rounds, and is fairly effective when firing from the hip. Like the MP40, this weapon quickly becomes inefficient when not aiming for headshots.

M1897 Trench Gun

Gut Shot

10 shells in magazine, reload 2 shells at a time and damage nearly doubled.

An excellent upgrade, especially effective against Hellhounds (the Trench Gun is always one shot kill against them). Aside from the extra damage, the larger magazine size and faster reloading time make this gun a handy backup weapon to have. Even with reloading two shells at a time, Speed Cola is still required, and Double-Tap is recommended, due to its pump-action nature. Best used as a backup weapon and saved for hell-rounds, as its ammo reserves are not increased. Also very good for guarding windows.

Type 100

1001 Samurais

60 round magazine, 220 carried ammo. Damage doubled. Rate of fire increased slightly.

This upgrade is quite similar to the Thompson and MP40 - best used as a backup weapon on middle rounds, whilst aiming for headshots. It's fast rate of fire is also good for racking up points; however, be wary, as this gun does deplete its ammo reserves quite quickly. Generally Double-Tap is not a good idea with this weapon.

Wunderwaffe DG-2

Wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ

6 charges, 30 total carried ammo, chains up to 20 zombies, no longer requires direct hit, has increased mobility, reloads slightly faster, increased splash damage.

Avoid fire close up unless in a pinch as splash damage is increased further after upgrading making it more lethal to user in close quarters. One-hit kill on all zombies and Hellhounds, irrelevant of the round the user is on. Best used on crowds around Monkey Bombs. This weapon is good to use out the windows on the catwalk as long as the player is covered. NOTE: Be extremely careful not to get caught in the weapon's splash damage as it will permanently remove Juggernog's health bonus (causing the user to drop in 1-2 hits even after health has 'regenerated'). This glitch is not well-known, and can be frustrating to some players who expect to be able to take 4-5 hits as the game still displays they have Juggernog. The only solution to this issue is to get downed, and then re-buy Juggernog.

Black Ops Weapons



MP115 Kolider

Larger Mag and faster reload

Increased Damage



Larger Mag

Increased Damage

Red Dot Sight



Larger Mag

Increased Damage

Reflex Scope


Tokyo and Rose

Larger Mag

Increased Damage

Dual Wield



Larger Mag

Increased Damage

Higher Fire Rate



Mustang and Sally

Smaller Mag

Dual Wield

Fires Grenades



Larger Mag

Increased Damage

Speed Reload



Fully Automatic

Increased Damage

CZ75 Dual Wield

Calamity and Jane

Fully Automatic

Increased Damage

Larger Mag



Typhoid and Mary

Larger Mag

One shell Reload

Dual Wield

Increased Damage



Incindiary Rounds

Faster Reload

Sets zombies on fire when they die

Spas 12

SPAZ. 24

Fully Automatic

Larger Mag

Increased Damage

One shell Reload



Larger Mag

Increased Damage


Reload 2 Shells at a time

Assault Rifles



Increased Damage

More Reserve Ammo

Powerful Masterkey



Fully Automatic

Increased Damage

M203 Grenade Launcher

More Reserve Ammo



Larger Mag

Increased Damage




Increased Damage

Larger Mag

Red Dot sight

Higher Fire Rate

Fn Fal (F-ing Fail)


Larger Mag

Increased Damage

Burst Fire



Increased Damage

Red Dot Sight

More Ammo



Larger Mag

Increased Damage

Dual Mags


G115 Generator

Fully Automatic

No sway when in ADS

More Ammo



H115 Oscillator

Larger Mag

Increased Damage

Increased Rate of Fire

Goes from 100 bullets per magazin to 125 and with

increased Damage.

R115 Resonator

Larger Mag

Increased Damage

Increased Rate of Fire

Sniper Rifles


L115 Isolator

Increased Damage

Variable Zoom Scope


D115 Disassembler

Increased Damage

Variable Zoom Scope


China Lake

China Beach

Larger Mag

One Shot Reload

Faster Pump

Able to be Hip-Fired

M72 Law

M72 Anarchy

Larger Mag


Able to be Hip-Fired

Special Weapons

Ballistic Knife


More Reserve Knives

Revive Allies By Shooting Them

Crossbow W/Explosive Tip

Awful Lawton

More Reserve Bolts

Attracts Zombies (Like the Monkey Bomb)

Wonder Weapons

Ray Gun

Porter's X2 Ray Gun

Larger Mag

Increased Damage

More Ammo Reserves

Thunder Gun


Larger Mag

Increased Damage

Winter's Howl

Winter's Fury

Larger Mag

Longer Freezing Effect

31-79 JGb215


Larger Mag

Longer Shrinking Effect


VR11 Lazarus

Larger Mag

10 second invincibility


Hyena Infra-Dead

Infrared Scope

Variable Zoom Scope

Larger Mag

Bigger Explosion

Zap Gun Dual Wield

Porter's X2 Zap Gun Dual Wield

Larger Mag

Increased Damage

Wave Gun

Max Wave Gun

Larger Mag

Increased Damage


The Pack A Punch Weapons (The Definitive Guide To..00:00

The Pack A Punch Weapons (The Definitive Guide To...) in Call of Duty Nazi Zombies

All Pack-a-Punched weapons (WaW)

Pack A Punch Jingle00:50

Pack A Punch Jingle

Pack A Punch Jingle


  • Above the Pack-a-Punch Machine, there are two depictions of a Ray Gun, one with a 'flaccid' barrel and the other with an 'erect' barrel.
  • There is also a picture under the machine. The picture is a no symbol (a red circle with a diagonal slash inside) with a hand inside of the circle; indicating that Pack-a-Punching your hand is a bad idea.
  • When a weapon is upgraded in the Pack-a-Punch Machine, only the metallic parts and the magazine are engraved with the markings, and not the wooden parts of the weapon. This is easily attested by the Gewehr 43, and the M1 Garand. This is similar to how the camouflages of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare would also only cover the metal/polymer parts of weapons. However, the PPSh-41's wooden grip is made metallic, but not engraved.
  • When a weapon is being upgraded a small red flag that says "Please Wait" rises on the right side of the Ray Gun depictions, above the machine.
  • Some of the weapons have internet slang terms in them.
  • In the French and Spanish versions of the game, the Pack-a-Punched weapons will retain their original names.
  • If a weapon is left in the Pack-a-Punch too long, a timer will start. When the timer ends, an alarm will sound and the gun will be lost, resulting in the player only having one weapon.


  • The primary source of statistic changes can be found Here
  • Check out this YouTube video to see most of the Pack-a-Punch weapons in action.
  • The Jingle of the Pack-A-Punch Machine is here.


There are six achievements associated with this machine:

  • Elevate Your Senses is awarded for turning on the Fly Trap by shooting a control panel with an upgraded gun.
  • Pack Addict is awarded for upgrading five guns in one game.
  • Wacker Packer is for upgrading a gun for the first time.
  • Fully Armed And Operational is for obtaining three pack-a-punched weapons at once
  • See Me,Stab Me, Heal Me shoot a downed teammate with a PaP Balistic Knife
  • Sacrificial Lamb Shoot or be shot with a pack-a-punched crossbow and kill at least 6 zombies.

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