The Random Perk Bottle is a new Power-Up feat
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The Bottle is next to the Max Ammo.

ured in the maps Ascension , Call of the Dead , Shangri-La and Moon from Call of Duty : Black Ops , and Die Rise in Call of Duty: Black Ops II . It appears as a glowing bottle similar to a Perk-a-Cola or Molotov Cocktail. It can be obtained similarly to the Bonfire Sale in "Five".

Obtaining the BottleEdit

Obtaining the bottle changes throughout the different maps with the ability to recieve it. Here is how to get it based on each map.

Ascension Edit

During a Space Monkey round, the monkeys will attempt to destroy the perk machines, removing the perk from your arsenal. If all the monkeys are killed before a perk machine is damaged, a Bottle powerup will drop alongside a Max Ammo.

Call of the Dead Edit

In Call of the Dead , a Bottle powerup is rewarded after defeating George A. Romero .

Call of The Dead - Getting the 8th Perk06:34

Call of The Dead - Getting the 8th Perk

You see the perk bottle at 6:00 minutes in.

Moon Edit

In Moon , a Bottle may appear when a Q.E.D is thrown.

Shangri-La Edit

In Shangri-La , Monkey zombies can drop a bottle when they die, if the monkey is holding a Max Ammo. This is shown in the video by VirtualDagger.



VirtualDagger shows us how simple, yet difficult it is to get the perk bottle on Shangri-La.

Die Rise Edit

In Die Rise , there are two methods of obtaining a Bottle.

Method OneEdit

The first method requires only a melee weapon of your choice. During the entire duration of the Boss Round, you must only use one, or all of the 3 melee weapons available in Die Rise, The Combat Knife , The Bowie Knife , or The Galvaknuckles. This is shown in Syndicate's video below.

Die Rise How To Get Free Perks & More Than 4!02:06

Die Rise How To Get Free Perks & More Than 4!

Syndicate getting the Bottle on Die Rise.

Method TwoEdit

The second method requires high precision, or a high damage weapon. When doing this round, you cannot miss a SINGLE shot, or you will not receive the Bottle.

WITHOUT KNIFING How to Get FREE PERKS (All 6 Perks) on Die Rise (Black Ops 2 Zombies)02:50

WITHOUT KNIFING How to Get FREE PERKS (All 6 Perks) on Die Rise (Black Ops 2 Zombies)

Sam310454 shows an alternate way to get the Bottle on Die Rise.


The Bottle gives all liv
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It is only possible to obtain all 5 Perks if you get the Bottle when you already have 4 Perks.

ing players a random Perk at no cost to the point total. This also makes it possible to achieve more than 4 perks, no matter the map.


  • It is possible to surpass the four perk limit with the Bottle.
  • It is also possible to obtain all of the perks available on a map simultaneously by obtaining multiple Bottles.
  • Many players simply call this power-up "Mystery Cola", "Random Perk", "Cola-Drop" or even: Vodka.
  • Due to the four Perk cap, a Bottle Power-Up obtained too early could effectively ruin a strategy by giving the player an unwanted perk and using up a slot.
  • In Die Rise, there are 2 methods of obtaining the Bottle, both of which are very simple.

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