The Plunger is a Melee Weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, on the map Der Eisendrache.

Overview Edit

This can be obtained as a free, Special Melee Weapon in Der Eisendrache.

This weapon has the same damage as the Knife, but a different animation (as if the player was using it as a toilet plunger).

Steps to Obtain Edit

  1. Build the Ragnarok DG-4.
  2. Put down as a trap behind the clock.
  3. Activate the clock inside the clock tower and stop it at 9:35.
  4. Head to the Pyramid Room during the anti-gravity sequence and wall-run on the circle to the right of the entrance.
  5. Wall-Run over circles around the room as lightning hits the bell tower. This will take the player back in time.
  6. Obtain the Plunger, which is found next to the desk, opposite of the safe.

Upgraded Edit

When upgraded, this weapon receives infinite damage to any enemy (aside from the large Apothicon Boss) for limited time, before having to upgrade again.

Plunger Upgraded Plunger
Damage 150
Fire mode Melee Melee
Rate of fire N/A N/A
Magazine size
Max ammo ∞ (1 minute)
Reload N/A N/A
Mobility N/A N/A
Extras Higher damage

Steps to Upgrade Edit

  1. Kill a Panzer Soldat with the Plunger (can be just the finishing blow).

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