The Power Station is a location in Green Run, which is a fourth Bus stop. This area is particularly useful, as it is where players construct the Power Switch, in order to switch on the power. This is the only Green Run stop to not have an individual playable mode, with Farm, Town, Bus Depot and Diner having 'Turned', 'Survival' and 'Grief'.


From exiting the Bus, there is a door available for purchase for 750 points. Beside the wall on the door, is the AK-74u for 1200 off of the wall. When walking into the Power Station, the player will drop underground, standing in front of a door with the Turbine symbol. If a Turbine is placed there, it will open up the Vault in Town. Three parts are required to build the Power Switch, which is the Mainfraim, Lever and Zombie Hand, which is constructed at the Crafting Table.

The power takes roughly thirty seconds to turn on, so it is handy to open the door next to the Mystery Box spawn with a Turbine, to prevent missing the bus. Inside the room, Tombstone Soda is located, and the Electric Trap can be built, along with the wires for the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Module 23.

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