The Quantum Entanglement Device (in abbreviation the QED) is a Wonder Weapon and Tactical Grenade that can be purchased on Moon.

Overview Edit

This device, when activated, would spawn many different effects that could be negative or positive to players in a gamble. It can be purchased to replace Gersch Devices.

Effects Edit

There are 30 known effects:

  1. The explosion similar to a Scavenger shot.
  2. An explosion identical to the Astronaut Zombie.
  3. An explosion similar to Matryoshka Dolls, blowing up rapidly within a certain radius many times.
  4. A black hole similar to the Gersch Device
  5. China Lake/China Beach shooting in a circle
  6. M72 LAW/M72 Anarchy shooting in a circle
  7. Ray Gun/Porter's X2 Ray Gun shooting in a circle
  8. SPAS-12/SPAZ-24 shooting in a circle
  9. Python/Kobra shooting in a circle
  10. Teleporting a random player to a random part of the map.
  11. Revives a downed teammate.
  12. Giving the player the Bonus Points power-up, giving all players a set amount of points.
  13. Giving the player an Anti-Bonus Points power-up, taking away a certain amount of points.
  14. Turns Astronaut Zombies to the players side. They receive a random weapon and will begin killing zombies, though they simply charge towards the zombies.
  15. Giving everyone in the area a Pack-A-Punched version of their current weapon.
  16. Giving the player a random weapon power-up to replace their current weapon. It may be Pack-A-Punched.
  17. Spawns more Zombies (When thrown at final Zombie)
  18. Spawns an ordinary Frag grenade.
  19. Drops a green perk bottle power-up. Gives one player a perk.
  20. Drops a red perk bottle power up. Takes away one perk from all players
  21. If thrown at a Gersch Device, may create a Gersch Device power up that gives another player the Device or refills ammo for them.
  22. Drops a Anti-Max Ammo. Depletes all the ammo from the current magazine/ammo reserve.
  23. Drops a Max Ammo.
  24. Drops an Insta-Kill.
  25. Drops a Anti-Insta-Kill. One hit kills regardless of Juggernog
  26. Drops a Double Points.
  27. Drops a Nuke.
  28. Drops a Carpenter.
  29. Drops a Fire Sale.
  30. Drops an Anti-Fire Sale. Teleports Mystery Box to different location and makes it cost 1900 points.


  • In physics, quantum entanglement is a phenomenon where two particles exchange information between each other without touching, regardless of the distance between them.
  • In InsideXBOX, it shows the device causing an explosion similar to the Matryoshka Doll's explosions, but far larger.


References Edit


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