Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Type Pistol
Damage 25-100
Fire Rate 909 RPM (per burst)
775 RPM (overall)
Fire Mode Burst (3-round)
Range Unknown
Magazine Size 15 rounds
Ammunition 15/120 (Maximum)
15/30 (Downed)
Reload Time 1.5 seconds (loaded)
1.85 seconds (unloaded)
Cost 500 points (Wall Weapon)
0 points (Starting/Respawning alongside the MR6/Bloodhound or Downed after completing the "A Better Tomorrow" achievement)

The RK5 (also called the Triton in the Alpha build) is a 3-round burst Pistol in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, on the maps Shadows of Evil, The Giant, Der Eisendrache, Zetsubou No Shima, Gorod Krovi, and Revelations

Overview Edit

This weapon can be bought as a Wall Weapon in the featured maps, as well as received as a Starting Weapon after completing the "A Better Tomorrow" achievement alongside the regular starting pistols (MR6 and Bloodhound)

This pistol is a three-round burst, similar to the B23R, except it costs cheaper. It has a high competition with the Sheiva, being much faster with many stats, but more for close-range combat.

Rex-Kalibur 115 Edit

When Pack-a-Punched, this weapon becomes the Rex-Kalibur 115, which has double the ammo and damage. Unlike the B34R (Upgraded B23R), the fire mode is still burst-fire and the ammo is different.

RK5 Rex-Kalibur 115
Damage 25-100 50-200
Fire mode Burst (3-round) Burst (3-round)
Rate of fire 909 RPM (per burst)
775 RPM (overall)
909 RPM (per burst)
775 RPM (overall)
Magazine size 15 rounds 30 rounds
Max ammo 15/120 (Maximum)
15/30 (Downed)
30/180 (Maximum)
30/90 (Downed)
Reload 1.5 seconds (loaded)
1.85 seconds (unloaded)
1.5 seconds (loaded)
1.85 seconds (unloaded)
Mobility Very high Very high
Extras Extended Mags, FMJ, higher damage, more reserve ammo, camouflage

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