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Ray Gun
Ray Gun
World at War / Black Ops / Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Type Wonder Weapon
Damage 1000 (Direct hit)
Fire Rate 181 RPM
Fire Mode Automatic
Range Infinite
Magazine Size 20 rounds
Ammunition 160 rounds
Reload Time 3 seconds
Cost 950P (Mystery Box)
"I don't know who Ray is, but his gun is rip!"
Tank Dempsey
Ray gun

A player holding a ray gun

The Ray Gun is featured in all zombie maps to date.

The Ray Gun In Black Ops

The Ray Gun's appearance is of a generic '50s science-fiction film ray gun.The Ray Gun is a favorable weapon due to its one-hit kill strength (up to round 20-25 depending on game). It is sometimes disliked because of its splash damage therefore many players tend to buy Phd Flopper. Although it is less effective at long ranges (as the 'ray' moves slowly compared to 

Side View.

conventional guns), it is pinpoint accurate, meaning that you should aim your shots carefully. The Ray Gun can hold 20 shots inside its magazine, which is stuck into the barrel. Since most players tend to fire single shots while using the Ray Gun, reloading won't be too frequent. The Ray Gun does more damage through splash than direct hits making it great for killing trains by shooting at the ground, this will also cause it to hit more zombies. Getting caught in a corner is a situation where you don't want to be unless you have PhD because you could potentially kill yourself.

Obtaining the Ray GunEdit

The Ray Gun is found in the Mystery Box (also known as the Random Weapon Box). Ray Guns are given out by chance from the Mystery Box. Using the box costs 950 points. It is most often given out to players who use the Box frequently or to players who use the Box rarely. Due to it being a pistol, many people believe this weapon to be semi-automatic. However, holding down the fire button shows that it is in fact fully automatic, meaning it can be very efficient at killing zombies.

The Ray Gun in Call of Duty: Black Ops can only be obtained in the Mystery Box. As in World at War, Ray Guns are given out by chance. It is still a fully automatic weapon. It is also given out in Black Ops 2. However, through a persistent upgrade a lower ranked/ new person can obtain a ray gun off the wall when buying said gun and ammo for it a few times. Its price is higher than the Mystery Box, however its price makes up for hitting the box continuously trying to obtain it from there.


Ray Gunning

Shooting a zombie with the Ray Gun.

The Ray Gun is crimson in color, and some parts of it are cyan and white. It has some meters on it, and it contains something that appears to be some sort of Red Dot Sight system. Although one exception to this is that it's not a Red Dot, it's a color changing crosshair with the crosshairs meeting in the middle. At the back of the gun, it appears to have a cog-shaped object with three rectangular-shaped bars atop it.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops, the Ray Gun appears exactly the same, though it is more shiny. It uses the same sighting system.

Pack-a-Punched VariantEdit

Call of Duty: World at WarEdit


Side view of the Porter's X2 Ray Gun.

Super Ray

The Pack-a-Punched Ray Gun from Black Ops.

The Pack-a-Punched version of the Ray Gun is called "Porter's X2 Ray Gun" and is chrome with engravings, the "ray" is also turned red instead of the usual green. It gains a larger magazine of 40 rounds and deals 2000 damage instead of 1000. It also has the strange liquid (believed to be Element 115) at the front of the top of the gun that the Wunderwaffe DG-2 has.

Call of Duty: Black OpsEdit

When Pack-a-Punched in Call of Duty: Black Ops it is still the "Porter's X2 Ray Gun" and retains 40 shots and the same amount of damage. The laser sight will also change color upon upgrading. On Kino Der Toten, Five, Shi no Numa, Der Riese, Die Rise, Tranzit, Town, and Farm, you can't buy PhD Flopper, so be careful... there is still splash damage. Pack a Punching will decrease the splash damage towards the player.  

PaP Ray Gun Batteries

Reloading the Porter's X2 Ray Gun.

Trivia Edit

  • The successor to the Ray Gun was added in Call of Duty: Black Ops II through the Vengeance DLC, the gun is know as the Ray Gun Mark II.
  • The Ray Gun is not available for the Wii in Call of Duty: World at War. However, it is available on the Wii version of Call of Duty: Black Ops.
  • On the PC version of the game, if the player changes the amount of gravity using the command console, you can jump and shoot the Ray Gun at the ground, and it will push you up into the air.
  • The Ray Gun can be found in the Campaign level "Little Resistance" on World at War.
  • The Pack-A-Punched Ray Gun is one of the few Pack-A-Punched weapons that is a different version of the gun and not an upgrade to it, being Porter's version of it.
  • In Kino der toten, when Richtoffen reloads the ray gun he says "do you like my giant green balls?!". An interesting quote because any sexual jokes are very rare in zombies.

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