Revolution is the first Downloadable Content (DLC) pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It was released on January 29, 2013 for Xbox 360, and then February 28, 2013 for PlayStation 3 and PC. It is available for 1200 Microsoft (MS) Points on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, $15.00/£11.59/€14.45 on the PlayStation Store, and $14.99 on Steam. It features four Multiplayer maps, one Zombies map, an expansion for Green Run with a new Zombies gamemode, and the Peacekeeper.



Downhill is sent in a Ski Resort, in the French Alps. It favors sniping, and long distance battles, with the large map size compared to other Black Ops II maps, and the perfect sniper engagements. Inside the buildings are more favorable torwards SMGs and Shotguns, due to the close-quarter combat.


Grind is set in a skate park, near Venice Beach. Due to the close-quarter combat in most of the map, with easy sniper vantages, and the new feature of curves in the ramps, Grind is easily the fan favorite multiplayer map.


Hyrdo is set in a hydroelectric dam in Pakistan. A new feature includes the flood way, which twice throughout a match, the dam will release a large amount of water underground, instantly killing players in it's path. 


Mirage is set in a luxury spa, which has been enveloped by a sand storm, in the Gobi Desert.

Great Leap ForwardEdit

Skyscrapers Edit

Skyscrapers, which is set in Shanghai, China, is playable in Die Rise. New features include the Trample Steam, Sliquifier, and mainly the verticality of the map, with jumping down elevator shafts, and across building to building, being cautious so that a player doesn't fall off of the map. New weapons and a new perk have also been added.

Green Run Edit

Diner Edit

Diner takes place at the diner bus stop from TranZit, and is playable in Turned. Many of the map's obstacles (such as cars) remain there from TranZit, but the doors are open (the garage door at the Repair Shop is fully open) except for the Shed, and the fog is blocked off with cars blocking the exits.

Modes Edit

Die Rise Edit

Die Rise is the main gamemode for the map Great Leap Forward, playable in Skyscrapers. It is played in Survival. The faction is the TranZit Group.

Turned Edit

Turned is a gamemode for the map Green Run, playable in Diner. The main objective is to gain the most points as possible by surviving as a Human against other players as Zombies. The factions are the CDC and Zombies.

Weapons Edit

Peacekeeper Edit

Dan Bunting refers to the Peacekeeper as a "hybrid between an assault rifle and an submachine gun", as it is classified as a submachine gun but has traits shared between the two, including submachine gun mobility and assault rifle range, balanced with low damage and medium fire rate.

References Edit


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