• "I'm getting all wet!"
  • "I don't like the dark."
  • "Hup, juicing me some Freak-a-lopes!'
  • "Look down, turn around, kill a herd of zombies!"(in a sing song voice.)
  • "Who's in charge of my bullets! Oh, wait, I am? Never mind."
  • "Too slow Freak-a-lopes!"
  • "Live to run away and run away the next day"
  • "No one is allowed to touch Rustman!"
  • "Well lookey here." (Finding item piece)
  • "Rusman likes the bus to be zombie free."
  • "Great day in the morning, this shit fits together!" (Building something)
  • "It's like I got me a new hip!" (Stamin-Up)
  • "What.. The fuck.. is that..." - Turning on power.
  • Thank you for riding Junk-Ass Bus Lines, have a Fucking Day!
  • If it ain't one thing, it's another. No, seriously, I have to go Poop!
  • I'm being fried alive!
  • Don't stand there with your D**k in your hand, Throw it!
  • I don't need yo devilish tricks no how, devil box.
  • Are you saying I need a shotgun cause I'm old, Devil box?
  • This here weapon is for the young miss, I believe.
  • The Well's... Run... DRY!!!!!

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