Svu as sniper

The SVU-AS appears in Die Rise and Buried, and can be bought off the wall for 1000 points. It is reasonably effective as a support weapon, due to relatively low recoil and high rate of fire, even though it has relatively low damage for a sniper rifle. Using it in conjunction with Double Tap Root Beer and aiming for head shots causes it to be a one shot kill until the early 40s. It is also pinpoint accurate, unlike the other sniper rifles available. Upon obtaining the SVU-AS, as well as any other sniper rifle, the player will receive a message from Richtofen, if playing as Samuel Stuhlinger, or from Dr. Maxis, if playing as one of the other three characters.

Shadowy Veil UtilizerEdit

When upgraded, it becomes the Shadowy Veil Utilizer and comes with a Variable zoom scope. It gains a damage boost and comes with 192 rounds in reserve ammo.

Svu as sniper pack a punched.

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