"I don't have cash for a gun, but someone's paying the zombies. Oh yeah, they're getting secret government payouts"
―Samuel J. Stuhlinger

Samuel J. Stuhlinger is one of four playable characters in Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies mode


Samuel is incredibly paranoid, often suggesting that simple occurrences, such as running low on ammunition, are linked to a conspiracy of some sort. He likes food, especially cheese. He is also the only character in Green Run that is able to hear Richtofen.

In Die Rise's opening cutscene, it is revealed that he has eaten the flesh of a human arm, which he has kept a secret from the other characters, claiming they would kill him if they found out. It is likely that the flesh was that of a zombie, as he has the unique ability to hear Richtofen, makes remarks about being hungry after killing zombies, and frequently hears zombie-like groans in Die Rise. He is also assumed to be a former member of The Flesh, an occult group within the zombie world.

He is named by both various in-game quotes and game credits.


Samuel is a Caucasian man with a mustache, charcoal sweater, green vest, khaki shorts and glasses. He has short, grey hair, and appears slightly overweight. He resembles Gary Oldman.



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Samuel's Quotes


  • Misty dislikes Samuel greatly, and he dislikes her too. He is fond of Russman and dislikes Marlton.
  • Samuel says very odd things after killing numerous zombies, most of which have to do with him becoming hungry after killing them.
  • He suffers from schizophrenia.
  • In one of his quotes, Samuel pronounces his last name "Stuh-ling-jer" despite, most of the time, the other characters pronouncing it "Stoo-ling-ger."
  • One of Samuel's quotes is heard at the ending of the trailer of Nuketown Zombies, which is odd because he doesn't appear in the map.
  • In Die Rise, Samuel uses Russman's nickname for Marlton, "Darlington", to mock him.
  • Stuhlinger has many of the zombie infection symptoms.
  • Stuhlinger is the second character in Zombies to have the nickname "Sam", the first one is Samantha.
  • Stuhlinger favors revolvers, such as the Executioner and the Python.
  • Stuhlinger refers to the Mystery Box as the "Conspiracy Crate" whenever he gets a weapon that he doesn't like. 

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