• "Um, hello? Need some ammo here!"
  • "Uh, guns need bullets, y'know!"
  • "That click sound is not a good thing, is it."
  • "Uh, I need ammo. Like now!"
  • "Uh, ammunition is kind of a necessity."
  • "Where is my assistant? I need a reload."
  • "I'm out, like completely out!"
  • "Without ammo, I'm a dead duck."
  • "C'mon zombies, I'll take you all with my bare hands."
  • "Empty. Not good."
  • "No bullets, no chance."
  • "No bullets? Whatevs, I'm a black belt in Tae Kwon Do."

Boarding WindowEdit

  • "Like this keeps them out!"

Mystery Box - MovingEdit

  • "Is this meant to be a plot twist?"
  • "Dude, that is not cool."
  • "Where the hell did it go?"
  • "I am not having a good day!"
  • "Make no mistake box. I will hunt you down."


  • "Try to not land on your face!"
  • "Go, Danny! Go!"
  • "Have a safe flight!"
  • "It'll be fun...'till his face hits a wall."
  • "Later, Rooker!"
  • "Seeya on the other side!"
  • "Hey! I can see my house from here!"
  • "Whoooohooo!"
  • "I feel like a bird!"
  • "Fly, my pretties! Fly!"
  • "Why don't you guys catch some air?"
  • "Hey, you wanna go for a ride?"


  • "Yikes! Crawlers!"
  • "Keep your lips off my legs, losers!"
  • "Didn't I kill you already?"
  • "So losing your legs didn't teach you a thing, huh?"
  • "Eating off the floor? I don't think so."

Frozen in WaterEdit

  • "Hello? Is anyone going to help?"
  • "This is not good!"
  • "Girl in the ice here!? GIRL. IN. THE. ICE!"

Shocked by ZombiesEdit

  • "Uh, ouch! Note to self, don't go next to electric zombies!"
  • "I just got zapped, and it did not feel good!"
  • "I really didn't dress for the cold!"

In the WaterEdit

  • "This water is freezing!"
  • "Um, getting frostbite was so not on my list of things to do today!"

Angry GeorgeEdit

  • "He's crazy!"
  • "I think that just made him angry!"

George LeavingEdit

  • "I really hope he doesn't come back!"

Calming George in the WaterEdit

  • "Ok George, take it easy."

George WeakeningEdit

  • "He's weakening!"
  • "I think he's getting weaker! Look at the light!"
  • "You getting tired, George?"
  • "What's the matter George? Not feeling so great?"
  • "His light's blinking! What does that mean?"
  • "Anyone else think he's slowing done?"
  • "Something is going on with his light!"
  • "Oh! He's hurt!"
  • "I don't think that's going to hold him for long!"
  • "Hit him again!"

Easter Egg DollsEdit

  • "Right back at ya, cutie pie!"
  • "Uh, that's not very nice!"
  • "Really? I hope she's nothing like you!"
  • "It's not deliberate! I am just trying not to drop you!"
  • "Aww, aren't you cute?"
  • "Have we met?"

Easter Egg ResponseEdit

  • "Sure! Why wouldn't we help some evil sounding stranger, while we're fighting off zombies!"
  • "Ok, this looks like it."
  • "Lights are on!"
  • "Now what?"
  • "Little half dome? Not exactly super specific! But I'll see what I can do."
  • "Um...hello? I blew up all the...little...half domey thingies!"
  • "Are you guys having a party in there?"
  • "Oops, umm...does anyone see another bottle around here?"
  • "Got the bottle!"
  • "Um, hello? It sounds like you got the bottle!"
  • "You guys have to be so cryptic? It's kind of a bad day."
  • "Oh!"
  • "Oww, my ears! ARGH!"
  • "This looks like...something."
  • "Um, you guys get your thing okay?"
  • "Another fuse? Do you think there is another hardware store around here?"
  • "Okay, I've done everything you've asked. Do I get a prize?"

George ReturnsEdit

  • "It's George!"
  • "Zombie George is back!"
  • "Uh, George is on the move again!"

Easter Egg AnswersEdit

  • "I don't think so!"
  • "Uh, no way!"
  • "Uh, what?"
  • "Uh, I'm not sure what you're talking about!"
  • "Okie dokie!"
  • "Got it!"


  • "Sock it to 'em Danny!"
  • "You got him right in the kisser!"
  • "Oh, he felt that!"
  • "Keep popping those dead heads, Danny!"
  • "Oh no, he did not see that coming!"

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