Semtex Grenades are Lethal Grenades that can be bought in Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Overview Edit

This grenade sticks to any surface when impacted, including zombies and other players. When thrown into lava in Green Run, this grenade will malfunction and not explode. It is purchased as a wall weapon to replace the M67 Frag Grenades.

Locations Edit

  1. Call of the Dead - Staircase near Juggernog
  2. Moon - Beside Stamin-Up
  3. Green Run - Locations
    1. TranZit - Rare Books store, requires Turbine to access
    2. Town - Rare Books store
  4. Nevada - Locations
    1. Nuketown - Weapons Truck
  5. Great Leap Forward - Locations
    1. Die Rise - Rooftop of the second building, near the Obulesk Tower
  6. Excavation Site 34 - Locations
    1. Origins - Trenches between Generator 1 and 3, at a dead end.