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"Take to the streets of Morg City to combat the undead. Embrace the curse to uncover its mysteries."
―Mission Briefing

Shadows of Evil is the eighteenth (chronologically the second) Zombies map. It is the first non-DLC Zombies map in Call of Duty: Black Ops III and was released along with the game on November 6, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

New Features Edit

This map reintroduces the perks Quick Revive, Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap II, Stamin-Up, and Mule Kick, as well as introducing a new perk called Widow's Wine. Like Origins, this map features Harvest Pods, which contain random items that will have either negative or positive effects to the player, such as getting a weapon. Li'l Arnies are introduced and replace Monkey Bombs as they attract and kill zombies. The Wonder Weapon is a buildable called the Apothicon Servant, as well as a specialist Wonder Weapon called the Apothicon Sword. This map also features a ride that costs points per use and five new enemies were introduced; Margwas, Parasites, Insanity Elementals, and Keepers.

Features, Utilities, and Weapons Edit

Starting Weapons Edit

  1. Bloodhound (default)
  2. RK5 (after completing the A Better Tommorow Easter Egg)
  3. Frag Grenades (4)
  4. Knife

Wall Weapons Edit

Mystery Box Weapons Edit

Buildables Edit

  1. Apothicon Servant
  2. Zombies Shield (Rocket variant)

Harvest Pod Drops Edit

  1. RK5
  2. L-CAR 9
  3. Locus
  4. KRM-262
  5. Bootlegger
  6. Bloodhound
  7. Haymaker 12
  8. Man-O-War
  9. Death Machine
  10. Ray Gun
  11. Blood Money
  12. Max Ammo
  13. Double Points
  14. Insta-Kill
  15. Fire Sale
  16. Nuke
  17. Apothicon Servant part
  18. Zombie
  19. Parasite

Perk-a-Colas Edit

  1. Quick Revive
  2. Juggernog
  3. Speed Cola
  4. Double Tap II
  5. Stamin-Up
  6. Mule Kick
  7. Widow's Wine

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