A Shrieker Zombie is a type of zombie in the Nazi Zombies map Shangri-La. It blinds the player and has an appearance very different from regular zombies.

The Shrieker Zombie can use a Sonic Boom like attack, which makes it harder for the Player to see. Killing a Shrieker Zombie while blinded by it will give you an Achievement/Trophy: Blinded By The Fright, it is worth 30 GamerPoints.


  • The Shrieker Zombie can run faster than any other Zombie.
  • The Shrieker Zombie, along with the Napalm Zombie, are the replacements for the Boss of each map.
  • Killing a Shrieker Zombie with a headshot causes all Zombie around to hold their head in pain, then die.
  • When a Shrieker Zombie Spawns, it screeches, whether a player is around or not.
  • Also, when a Shrieker Zombie Spawns, your Player may say something like "Did you hear something?"
  • A shrieker zombie is somewhat like a banshee who screams ear-bursting sound and is undead