Starting Ammo: 10 blasts
Max Ammo: 10 blasts
Cost: 950 from Mystery Box or 0 when built


Magazine Size


Starting Ammunition


Maximum Ammunition






Fire Mode





The Sliquifier is a new craftable weapon in the Revolution DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops: II, requiring four parts to be built, One being a fire extinguisher, spawning either in the power room on one of the tables, or in the crate next to the Sliquifier crafting table. The second part is the body of the gun, either spawning on a table in the room next from power, the first room to the right if you jump to power from the Buddha room, or directly next to the couch debris on a barrel in the Sliquifier building room. The third part is a Motorcycle handbrake, making the trigger for the gun, spawning either next to the pot in the kitchen, or in the power room on the table nearest to the two elevators. The fourth and last part is the stock of the sliquifier, a Maniquins foot, having only one spawn point, behind the stairwell directly from the Sliquifier room there is a tiny space with a couch and a TV, the mannequins foot spawns here. Acquiring all these parts and putting them together gives you the Sliquifier. The sliquifier has 10 shots in the clip before having to reload, and forty to spare. The Sliquifier is extremely useful when in a sticky situation, for if shot onto the floor, Zombies and players slide around, or if shot at one zombie in an entire horde, that single zombie explodes, infecting other zombies around it, causing them to explode, infecting zombies around it. The Sliquifier is the best weapon for high round zombie trains, because of the powerful chain reaction and it's infinite damage.


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