Space Monkeys are a new enemy that appear in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Nazi Zombies map Ascension. Space Monkeys replace Hellhounds and the Pentagon Thief and will hurt the player by breaking Perk-a-cola machines. They have the unique ability to throw back grenades thrown at them.


  • They are a reference to the actual monkeys that governments attempted to put in Space.
  • You can find Space Monkeys in Kino der Toten behind the stage by looking inside of some canisters windows.
  • Space Monkeys attack in large numbers.
  • Space Monkeys have different colored suits; these include red, green, and silver.
  • It is possible the Space Monkeys are related to the Cosmic Silverback.
  • The Space Monkeys coincidentally have the same skin as the monkeys from Rebirth Island.
  • They explode in a small shock wave similar to the Crawler Zombies.
  • If you throw a grenade at a space monkey, they will pick it up and toss it back.
  • Like Hellhounds, Space Monkeys drop a Max Ammo when you have killed them all.
  • If all monkeys are killed before they reach a perk machine, a random perk bottle spawns.
  • It takes two well placed Thundergun shots to kill a monkey. This applies to the pack-a-punched version as well.
  • Space Monkeys do not die from going into a Gersch Device. Instead, they teleport to another part of the map randomly, much like how the player would when jumping into a Gersch Device.

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