The Spider Baits are Wonder Weapons and Equipment which can be obtained on Zetsubou No Shima.

Overview Edit

This weapon is obtained throughout special steps. These can be obtained to replace Trip Mines.

Effect Edit

This weapon wraps a player in a cocoon and lets them control a Spider. The attacks are the same and so is the damage, with the exception that the Spider is friendly and is attacking Zombies. Only 1 is given and can regenerate every round.

Steps to Obtain Edit

  1. Obtain the Skull of Nan Sapwe.
  2. Complete the Trials of the Ancients.
  3. Upgrade the Zombies Shield to the Electric Shield.
  4. Use the Skull of Nan Sapwe on a Spider round to identify, but not kill the Spider covered in red mist, which makes it more aggressive.
  5. Let it chase you into purple, blue, and green waters respectively, where it would drink the water.
  6. Head under Lab A. Trap it into the Cage.
  7. Go up to the lab and lift the Cage.
  8. Hit the Cage with the Electric Shield, which causes the cage to go underground.
  9. Finish another Spider round. In this round, all the Spiders have red mist around them, giving more difficulty.
  10. Head back to Lab A and lift the Cage.
  11. A cocoon would replace the Spider. Extract the venom. The weapon is now ready to be obtained.

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