Stuhlinger eating zombie flesh?

"Science has failed us. He has abandoned us. In this new world, we alone are your salvation. We alone can light the way. Hear our words. Heed our call. There is but one path to enlightenment. Just as they would consume us, we must consume them, We are the living, and we are the dead. We are the Flesh, and the Flesh is us. We will not starve, we will thrive." -radio message from Flesh Spokesperson in Die Rise.

The Flesh is an obscure occult group appearing in the Black Ops II Zombie campaign. References to the group are made in both TranZit and Die Rise, and it is heavily assumed that Samuel was a member at one point. The group appears to be neutral in the Maxis/Richtofen conflict.

Group IdealsEdit

The Flesh is an occult group that appears to be against both Maxis and Richtofen. Though the first member was apparently aligned with Richtofen, they seem to have split as of the events of Die Rise. The group appears to survive by eating zombie flesh, and are seeking enlightenment, though the way in which they intend to find it are uncertain. The group is assumed to be rather prevalent in the world of Zombies, and are frequently referenced. 

Relation to the Zombie CrewEdit

While it is generally accepted that the Flesh have no relation to Russman, Marlton, or Misty, there is solid evidence that Samuel was once involved with them, if not a member himself. Other than the fact that Samuel was apparently involved, and that the first member could hear Richtofen, little else is known about the group. They are generally obscure, and have not made an actual appearance in the maps themselves. 

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