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The Warehouse is one of the four locations in TranZit outside the Fog, however, that is not a bus stop.

Overview Edit

This place appears identical to Nacht der Untoten, with the exception that the wall weapons are unavailable, the two barriers that used to be beside the Kar98k are now entrances to enter the building, the "Help" Room door has debris in front, the stairs have collapsed, Mule Kick is not present, and the barriers are not rebuildable.

This place is little ways away from where the bus route is, so getting to this location requires some time. The player must venture off into the corn field to the right of the bus route, either through the entrance beside the Light Post or the entrance to the left of it. Either way would turn to a parallel path to the road, and on the side facing away from it, there is a narrow pathway that players can access. Note that this area spawns Denizens. After passing the gate, however, the Denizens no longer spawn and the Fog no longer covers the area.

This is found across the street from the Pylon, between the Farm and the Power Station.

Features Edit

Buildable Parts Edit

  • Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23
    • On a fallen cabinet near the "Help" Room door
    • On the stairs
    • On a shelf beside the window facing the stairs
  • NAV Table
    • On a shelf beside the stairs (may spawn in DIner)

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