Thompson CaC



The Thompson appears in all Nazi Zombies levels, both off the wall and from the Mystery Box. It can be bought for 1200 points, and ammo costs 600 points. It is a good weapon, especially in the early to mid rounds, due to its good accuracy, damage and fire rate. In higher rounds it loses it's effectiveness quickly, unless if headshots are made.

The Thompson in Zombies is often compared to the MP40, due to the two sub-machine guns having similar attributes and stats.

Pack-a-Punched VersionEdit

PaP Thompson

The "Gibs-o-Matic"

On Der Riese, it can be upgraded to the "Gibs-o-Matic", giving it a larger ammo capacity and more power. Even after the upgrade, ammo reserves may become problematic in the higher rounds.


  • If this gun is bought before going to the Mystery Box, go for headshots. They will prove to be useful and will get you many kills, which in turn will give you many points. Also, ammo can just be bought off of the wall. However, due to having a 20 Round magazine, Speed Cola may be needed by some players.
  • It is not recomended to purchase Double Tap Root Beer while in possession of the tompson {Gibs-O-Matic} due to the fact that ammo is wasted very quickly


  • On Nacht Der Untoten, the price for the Thompson is listed as costing 1500 points, but it actually costs 1200 points. (Once you buy it off the wall, it will say "1200 for Weapon; 600 for Ammo"). This is fixed on the other zombie maps.