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Call of Duty: Black Ops II
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Farm (chronologically)
Bus Depot (chronologically)
Diner (chronologically)
Borough (chronologically)
Next Map Die Rise (chronologically)
Characters Samuel J. Stuhlinger
Marlton Johnson
Abigail "Misty" Briarton


Date October 21st, 2035
Location Northern Hemisphere, Hanford Site, Washington State, U.S.A
Enemies Zombies



TranZit is a part of the map Green Run, being the map's main gamemode.

Overview Edit

This map consists of five major areas and four minor ones. In these areas, Denizens and fog will not appear, but other aspects of the game will. The five major areas also serve as bus stops for the bus. Depending on the location, the bus may leave when certain actions have been done, or when players stay/go on the bus. Each of these areas have at least one buildable location The four minor areas can be accessed off the main bus route, but players may have to fight Denizens along the way. Lava plays a huge factor, blocking off areas and igniting zombies and players on fire when stepped on.

Areas of the Map Edit

Bus Depot Edit

The Bus Depot is where players will first spawn. The first room contains the Quick Revive perk machine, two off-wall weapons: The M14 and the Olympia,  and the parts and crafting table for the Turbine. When the Turbine is built, it can be used to power the door to the Storage room. In the Storage room there is often a Bus part, and players can use the Turbine to power the second door. This path is the way to leave the spawn room for free, or players can pay 750 points to open the front door. Outside, players will find the bus waiting for them. There is a Mystery Box spot beside the hole in the wall. Inside the Hole in the wall there is also a NAV table part. The right end bench also has a Teddy Bear on it for the Easter Egg song Carrion.

Bus Depot Loading Screen

The Tunnel Edit

The Tunnel is a very small area between the Bus Depot and the Diner. When the bus passes it, it will slow down so the players can exit and get back on. In the Tunnel, you can find a Jet Gun part, the board part, and an Colt M16A4 for purchase.

The Denizens will attack players unless they are in the lit up area.

The Diner Edit

The Diner is where the Bus will stop first. The area has three doors to open. One leads to the garage, where the Mystery Box will spawn, and also a Zombie Shield part, and the Zombie Shield crafting table, and inside the Diner itself,  where the MP5, the other Zombie Shield part and Speed Cola can be found, on the roof. The shed can be opened using a Turbine and can contain one of the Bus parts. Galvaknuckles can be bought by the player if they use the hatch part from the bus, but this part can only be used in one spot.

The Farm Edit

The Farm is where the bus will stop second. Upon exiting the bus, there is a gate the players can open for 750 points. Upon opening the gate, a dirt path will lead you to a barn and a house. In the barn you can find the Remmigton 870 MCS for 1500 points and Double Tap Root Beer. In the house, the Weapon Storage Box is a refrigerator, a Mystery Box box location on the balcony, an Easter Egg song Teddy Bear upstairs on the matress, and a buildable Turret. In between the Barn and the house, there is a garage that can be opened with a turbine, and can contain a Bus Part and claymore.

The Prototype Edit

In between the Power Hut and The Farm, there will be a corn field on the left and right sides of the street. If a player were to enter the corn field on the right and go through a maze, they will end up at Nacht der Untoten. Here, a Jet Gun part can be found. This is not the actual map, and only the starting room can be accessed.

The Pylon Edit

Also in between the Power Hut and The Farm, if the players were to go through a maze on the left side of the corn field, they will end up at a pylon. This is where you must place two Turbines and kill Him during the Tower of Babble achievement/trophy. This is also where the NAV Table is built and used.

The Power Hut Edit

The power hut is the Bus' third stop and is also an area that is not its own map. Upon entering it, there is only a small hut that looks like an outhouse with a purchasable AK74u on the side. When the door is purchased and entered, the player will fall into a large bright laboratory where the Power Switch can be built, and is also where you can place a Turbine near the entrance to open the large door to the Pack-a-Punch Machine. The Avagadro can spawn at the beginning of a round once the power has been turned on. When the Power is on, the player can choose to turn it back off to work towards the Tower of Babble achievement/trophy. And when the power is on, a large door will open and will lead to a large building that is incredibly broken down. In this area, you can build an Electric Trap and purchase Tombstone Soda. Also, in the lower portion of the building, a Bus Part can be found, along with a Jet Gun part.

The Laboratory in the Power Hut

The Cabin Edit

The Cabin is a small area that players can find by exploring (on the right side from the power hut) the mist between Town and the power station. When you arrive at the Cabin, you can open and enter it to find a Bowie Knife on the wall, and a Jet Gun part.

Town Edit

Town is the Bus' fourth and final stop. In this area, players can use the Bank to deposit and withdraw Points by opening the vault door with a M67 Frag Grenade. There is another Vault Door inside the vault that has a large door with a Power symbol on it that can be opened by placing a Turbine near a door with the same symbol at the Power Hut. Inside that door, a Pack A Punch machine can be built and used. There are two Mystery Box spots, one upsairs in the Bar, and one in an area with a chain link fence. Also in Town, Juggernog and Stamin-Up can be purchased. There is a small room near the chain link fence box spot which can be opened with a turbine, and is the last possible spot for a bus part to be, and is where the player can purchase the semtex grenade upgrade.

The BusEdit

The Bus is the vehicle that transports you from one location to another safely without any issues with the Denizens. It has two doors on the right side of it that can be opened and closed on command, a B23R that is available for purchase on the roof, and an automatic bus driver with glowing blue eyes. When the bus is nearing a location, it will honk, and it will honk when it stops. It will also honk when it's about to leave, and when it starts moving. If the driver is shot, his eyes will turn red and he will warn you it is unsafe to distract him. If he it shot again, his eyes will glow red and he will kick all players off of the bus, lock the doors, and skip the next stop. There appears to catastrophic damage to the automated bus driver, for his hat says BloodHound bus lines. When he speaks, He normally will state that he works for various different bus lines, but never seems to state BloodHound, even thought the hat does. When driving with attacking zombies, he seems to believe that they are still people. Sometimes, when on the road, usually over the bridge, he will scream that we're all gonna die, or, more casually states that he is going to cross the collapsing bridge. Zombies can jump onto the bus and break the windows to crawl in, but when zombies are inside with you when it is moving, they will stumble around. The three bus parts that can be attached are the Ladder, which you can place on the back left of the bus to get on top of it, there is the Hatch Ladder, which can be placed inside of the bus to get on top of it from the inside, (The Hatch Ladder can also be placed inside the Diner to get onto the roof to purchase Galvaknuckles) and then there is the Bus Plow, which can be placed on the front of the bus so that Zombies can not crawl through the windshield, and it will kill Zombies upon collision, granted that they are in front of the trap.

A Zombie on the Bus

The FogEdit

The Fog is in between every area, and when entered, a player will hear screeching, and a Denizen will jump onto his/her face. A player can knock off a Denizen by stabbing it five times, three times with the Bowie knife, or twice with the Galvaknuckles but another Denizen will attack soon after. Upon killing the Denizen, you will recieve the acheivment/trophy,"I don't think they exist." The Denizens can be shot at to prevent it from latching on to your head.

The Fog is a result of the missiles hitting the Earth at te end of the Moon Easter Egg, which destroyed the Earth and spread Element 115 around the Earth, resulting in the Zombie Apocolypse. The nearest missile impact was at a Nevadan Nuclear Test Site.

An area in the Corn field containing Mist


Upon turning on the power, street lights will be turned on. If a Denizen is on a player, and is lead under one of the lights, the Denizen will dig a hole under it and create a Teleporter. If a player jumps or dives into it, they will be teleported to another random street light, and will be granted the Fuel Effecient achievement/trophy.

Features Edit

Starting Weapons Edit

  1. M1911
  2. M67 Grenades (2)
  3. Knife

Wall Weapons - 1/2 price for ammo & 4000 for Pack-a-Punched ammo Edit

  1. M14 - 500
  2. Olympia - 500
  3. Ray Gun - 250/500 (Off the Olympia as secret offline or Persistent Upgrade)
  4. B23R - 1000
  5. Colt M1611 - 1200
  6. MP5 - 1000
  7. Galvaknuckles - 6000
  8. Remington 870 MCS - 1200
  9. Claymores (2) - 1000
  10. AK-74u - 1200
  11. Bowie Knife - 3000
  12. Semtex (4) - 250

Mystery Box Weapons - 950/Use Edit

Buildables Edit

  1. Turbine
  2. Zombie Shield
  3. Sentry Gun
  4. Electro-Shock Defenses
  5. Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23
  6. Power Switch
  7. Pack-a-Punch
  8. Bus parts
  9. Navcard Table

Perk-a-Colas Edit

  1. Quick Revive - 1500 (500 in solo)
  2. Speed Cola - 3000
  3. Double Tap II - 2000
  4. Tombstone Soda - 2000
  5. Stamin-Up - 2000
  6. Juggernog - 2500

Trivia Edit

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