"See how the other half live! Play as a zombie and feast on the human for a chance to be... turned!"

Turned is a playable mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops II on the maps Diner and Borough.


At the start of the game, every player is on the Zombies team, and the first one to find the Cure power-up becomes Human, going onto the CDC team. The Zombies then must attack the Human to turn into a human himself/herself. Zombies run as incredible speeds, much similar to those in TranZit, when chasing the Bus.

The Human then begins receiving small amounts of points every second, either starting with an Executioner and moving in a Gun Game style cycle, going through the M1216, the M27, the Chicom CQB, the KAP-40, and finally the M1911 after every kill in normal mode, or starting with an Olympia with 2 rounds and an M1911 to kill other players in Shotgun mode. Each kill scores points normally.

Each game has a time limit of six minutes, and it starts when the first Zombie finds the Cure. The last-standing human receives bonus points, however, the player with the most points wins the game. During the game, the player with the most points while as a Zombie will have blue eyes, while the rest would have yellow eyes, even though the Demonic Announcer is Edward Richtofen.

Exclusive Power-Ups can be obtained in this mode, and they are dependent on the team. Green ones can be obtained by Humans only. Red ones can be obtained by Zombies only. Blue ones can be obtained by either team, only affecting that team, and Purple ones can be obtained by either team, but affects both teams. A Power-Up that gives the Human a Cymbal Monkey is introduced, and spawns randomly after a kill. Using it would spawn a Human decoy, eliminating the Human signature (as seen in the Zombie's POV) and replacing it with another Human. Attacking it would instantly kill the Zombie.

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