The Uzi is a Submachine Gun, featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, debuting in the Zombies map, Mob of the Dead, which is available as downloadable content in the Uprising DLC. It has a fast rate of fire, and fairly decent damage, and also plentiful ammunition, making it a very effective weapon, along with low recoil. 

It is available off of the wall for 1500 points, at multiple spots throughout the map, making it a solid choice for Zombie Players.

Much like the M1927 present on Mob of The Dead, the UZI is an extremely fast firing SMG with a fast reload, medium damage, and high hip fire accuracy. The UZI and M1927 are the most viable for the map with their high ammo caps and great point building abilities, high rate of fire, medium damage is the best combination for building points while still being an effective killer. While the UZI kills faster than the M1927, it has half the ammo in a clip and requires more frequent reloads, unlike his Tommy Gun counterpart the UZI doesn't befifet from Dead Shot Daiquiri nearly as much because the UZI already has excellent hip fire accuracy but if you do aim headshots with the UZI are ridiculously powerful. Electric Cherry is also very beneficial because this compact SMG feels almost like a Blundergat in the way that it kills zombies almost as fast as you need to insert another magazine. . The UZI is a great weapon to keep for high rounds because its spots are much more convenient, in the Wardens Office, in the Infirmary, and on the stairs below the big spiral staircase.

Uncle GalEdit

The Uncle Gal is the Pack-A-Punched version of the Uzi. It boosts it's fire rate and overall damage, as well as the amount of ammunition it can contain, making it a great weapon for the mid-rounds, up to halfway through the thirties, and is a very effective weapon.

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