The XM-53 is a single-shot Launcher in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, on the maps Shadows of Evil, The Giant, Der Eisendrache, Zetsubou No Shima, Gorod Krovi, and Revelations.

Overview Edit

This weapon can be bought as a Mystery Box Weapon in the featured maps and can be obtained as a Harvest Pod Weapon in Zetsubou No Shima.

This weapon acts very similarly to the RPG and M72 LAW, with very similar statistics, except that it has a slightly lower blast radius. It has a large amount of ammo, very good accuracy, good damage, but a low mobility and reload speed.

Helical Incandesence Edit

When Pack-a-Punched, this weapon becomes the Helical Incandesence, which includes higher damage, more ammo in the magazines, a faster mobility rate, and a camouflage.

XM-53 Helical Incandesence
Damage 2000 (direct impact)
1000-2500 (splash damage)
2000 (direct impact)
2000-5000 (splash damage)
Fire mode Single-Shot Automatic
Magazine size 1 shell 2 shells
Max ammo 1/20 2/20
Mobility Very Low Medium-high
Extras Larger magazine, higher damage, camouflage

References Edit

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