Zombie Monkeys are a new type of Zombie that appear in Shangri-La. Zombie Monkeys steal Power-Ups that are dropped by Zombies during gameplay and then attempt to escape the map.


Zombie Monkeys can be found in the starting room, simply looking around and not doing anything until a Power-Up drops, where after a few seconds they will go ballistic. When this happens one Monkey will attempt to take the Power-Up, and run cycling the Power-Up as they go. If a player were to kill them they will either drop the Power-Up they stole or give the player a new one depending on how long the Monkey had it.

When a player takes a Power-Up immediatly after its dropped, the Monkeys won't notice and nothing will happen.

However if the Monkeys notice the Power-Up and THEN a player takes it, the Monkey will hit the player who grabbed the Power-Up once and run off. This is the only time a Monkey will hit you.


  • Killing a Zombie Monkey with any type of attack before it hits you gives you 500 points. During Double Points this will give the player 1000 points
  • The Zombie Monkey is the weakest type of Zombie in the entire series, with one attack from any weapon instantly killing them.


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