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The RGS (Richtofen's Grand Scheme) Zombies Storyline from the events of Verrückt to Buried.

Events in Green Run, Great Leap Forward, and Resolution 1295 have multiple possible outcomes during gameplay.

Pre-Nazi Zombie Outbreak Edit

Nazi Zombie Outbreak Edit

Nacht Der Untoten Edit

Verrückt Edit

Four Marines were sent to an Asylum in Germany after reports of OSS Agent Peter McCain being M.I.A. They were John "Banana", "Smokey", another unamed Marine, and their leader, "Tank" Dempsey. However, in the moment of their arrival, the team then gets attacked by Zombies. They then split up to two teams, one taking the American Side and the other taking the German Side. They searched the asylum while fighting off zombies, only to meet up with each other in the Electric Room and not find Peter. Peter had already been extracted before their rescue and this event caused all the marines except "Tank" to be killed. Tank was then captured by Nazis who came and was taken to the Der Riese facility to be tested as a replacement for an Unknown Mexican and supposedly become a super-soldier.

Post-Nazi Zombie Outbreak Edit

Pre-Zombie Apocalypse Edit

Shi No Numa Edit

Der Riese Edit

Kino Der Toten Edit

"Five" & Ascension Edit

Call of the Dead Edit

Shangri-La Edit

Moon & Nuketown Zombies Edit

Zombie Apocalypse Edit

Town, Farm, Bus Depot, Diner, & Borough Edit

Grief Edit

Survival Edit

Turned Edit

TranZit Edit

Die Rise Edit

Buried Edit

Post-Zombie Apocalypse Edit

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